Thursday, July 10, 2008

A New Dawn of Pesticide Safety

The second half of 2008 marks a fork in the evolution of humanity. Contradictions between conservation and productivity claims on resources have never been quiescent. Moves in favor of and against pesticides are equally subservient to the common ground of time-bound, sustainable development. Inflation, recession, and inclement weather dominate world concerns today, differing stakeholder perspectives notwithstanding. How can pesticides contribute to harmonious resolution?

Who can object to the safe and judicious use of pesticides? It is a platform that the industry, growers, sellers, scientists, and activists can share without hesitation. Preventive medicine does not prohibit the use of therapies. Similarly, organic enthusiasts may endorse the safe and judicious use of pesticides just as enthusiastically as a diligent manufacturer.

Who will bell the cat? Criticism and commentary from an armchair is easy. Achieving better safety standards in IPM, IRM, ICM, and IAP, are other cups of tea. We need a new and dedicated cadre. A community dedicated to health and wellness. People who agents of change for the better. Individuals who live amidst the folk they serve.

Where can we find such people? Who are they?

Come back tomorrow for an answer.

I apologize for not posting during the past week. I have been away from my broadband base, with teething troubles in switching to wireless Internet. My pesticide safety duties will keep me away from home at regular intervals in future. I will try and post as often as I can. Thank you for your understanding.

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